The exploding bike, un café au lait, and a very popular baby.

I have always been a do it yourself kinda of guy and this has backfired on me more times than I care to count. It seems that I only learn how to use or fix something if I first break it. Though I never intentionally break things of course it just seems to have to explode in my hands. Putting it back together is apart of the the “necessary is the mother of all invention” style of learning. It all started when I had to reassemble my bike after retrieving it from the airport. To my dismay I could tell that the box had been opened and the French not believing me when I told them it was a bike. I quickly began documenting the condition of it and the box at the airport so at least I could try and have some leverage if something was broken. After a long taxi ride we finally arrive at our hotel and began to unpack. We were set to to be at the hotel for three days which actually turned into sort of four (will explain later in the post). Upon entry I was excited to put the bike together into a fully functional mode of transportation. After opening and inspecting the bike I was positive that there was no damage to the bike (and there had better not of been after the charged me so much to take it). As I was assembling the bike I realized that one of the break mounts was loosened (somehow) and I needed to tighten it so that one brake pad did rest on the rim of the wheel the whole time. I soon realized two things: one that I did not have the right tool, and two that I was going to make do anyway because I really didn’t know my way around a French hardware store. This is the point that the trouble began and despite my previous desire not to wander a French hardware store I found myself looking through one anyway to find the tools that I needed to fix the mess that I had just created. Lesson learned here are two fold: one do not do a job you do not have the tools for and two it is hard to find something familiar in a foreign place.

Now to the café au lait. During Kati’s orientation I found myself alone with a baby and sometimes the baby would nap. I would just like to say for the record that she is one lucky person to be able to sleep anywhere and have everybody adore you when you awake. Though perhaps most of the time that she spends napping is in a place that daddy cannot also nap unfortunate as it may be. So I found a new thing that helps me get through the day and I thought I would share it with you.


Now that you are thoroughly thirsty I would like to tell you a story that is a happy end of the beginning. Kati and I had roughly been in Paris for four days when we had to get the hotel for another night because our apartment hunting had not yielded a good result yet….. AUP has told us from the get go that because we are a married couple that we are on our own or so we thought. Our baby has a wonderful smile and it is evident to everybody. She will smile and captivate the sternest of faces and hardest of hearts that much is for sure.. Not convinced? Check it out.


I know I know one word….. Adorable… I agree, you were the one that needed a picture to be convinced not me.

I do know why that a married couple is such a bothersome at AUP but I am glad that they said this from the get go because they have delivered way more than they had told us they would. In my opinion this is better than over promising and not delivering at all. So far they have put us in a hotel for the next week, helping us find an apartment (though not guaranteeing anything of course), and giving us free breakfast and dinner. This is such a blessing and we I think owe it to our beautiful baby girl.. Not on purpose have we taken advantage of the fact that she is beautiful but people tend to be way more helpful because she is. While Kati was in class I heard about the grad students being housed at the Ibis (a hotel here in Paris) and I wondered why they did not have a room for us…. You guess it because we are married. However from talking to one person to next being very carful to let them all hold the baby while doing so they agreed to give us a room. This is really the most amazing thing that has happened since we have been to Paris and it has saved us so much money…. Hopefully enough that we can get an apartment, please keep us in your prayers!! Thank God he is good and thank AUP for the hotel!!!!!!! We have really been blessed. Stay tuned for more blogs….

À la prochaine.


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