Bienvenue Chez Hyer

The difference between looking for lodging in America and France is easily summed up: In America, you shop for apartments. In France, you hunt for apartments with poison-tipped spears.

Well, we finally bagged our apartment.

Allow me to introduce our apartment by showing you the kitchen, pantry, living room and storage closet of a place we don’t live.

What you can’t see is that this photo was taken while standing on a couch that serves as a bed and office. Oh and by the way, that teal bookshelf is also the front door. The window is the back door to the outside world… which probably serves as the bathroom.

See those little black circles to the right of the sink? Those are hot plates, the most common means of cooking in Parisian apartments. This apartment is luxurious- it clearly has two hot plates. Ooh là là!

What we’ve learned from scouring housing listings is that the French don’t understand as much English as we expected them to. For example, “sleeps two” really most often means “sleeps toddlers.” French landlords often mix up “Cozy Little Apartment” with “Crazy Little Apartment,” and “Furnished” means “Has electrical outlets and a lock on the front door.”

The average size of what they call specious spacious apartments in our budget range from 16 square meters, or roughly 172 square feet, to 20 square meters, or roughly 200 square feet. I’d say that’s about the size of a modest American living room.

In light of these normal Parisian averages, we have been insanely blessed.

Our place has been recently renovated and has modern appliances with a cuisine Americaine- an American kitchen. Which means it has an oven. And is large. Again, the French are pretty creative in their language, non?

There are still piles of boxes on the balcony (trash comes once a week- tomorrow!) so that will be cleared out soon.

On the first day, there was renovation trash…

We’ve just learned from the landlord that we can hang stuff on the walls and that our puppy Soleil can join us, so we’re excited to make the place our own. Here she is all cleaned up:

This is the cleaned up view from the kitchen.

We’ll post more pics soon and answer any questions you may have- but let me just tell you: our place lacks one essential thing: INTERNET. Perhaps we’ll be connected by October. That would be lovely. Ahh, dreams…

À la prochaine,


3 responses to “Bienvenue Chez Hyer

  1. Ouah !! c’est magnifique, vous avez énormément de chance d’avoir trouvé cet appart très luxueux situé à Paris car ma soeur n’avait trouvé qu’une chambre de 12 m2 il y a 25 ans déjà !! bon courage pour la reprise des études et gros bisous à Adélaïde toujours aussi souriante …

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