Adelaide’s Adventures: My Family in France

Bonjour! My name is Adelaide. (Adélaïde.)

I’ve learned a lot about being a baby in France since my family and I moved to Paris.

So much so that I’d like to tell you about some of those things here, in Adelaide’s Adventures. For example:

#1. Since we don’t own a car anymore, I spend a lot more time in the stroller and a lot less time in a car seat. Apparently, not only do other babies spend lots of time in strollers, so do big kids! I’ve seen big girls and big boys up to 10 years old being pushed around in pousettes by their parents here in Paris. But don’t they want to walk everywhere?

#2. Now that I have teeth, I get to gnaw on bread! French bread is yummy and crunchy. My parents like that French babies skip bland “baby” food and go straight to real food. On the other hand, my parents do not like that French babies stop nursing when they reach 3 months or get their first teeth- whichever comes first.

#3. My parents look happy when French people talk to them about me, but really they are mad. They say it is because French adults compliment me and then give advice about how to raise me. French adults say that my parents will make me sick if they don’t put a hat, socks and a blanket on me everywhere I go. Even in August!

I’ll tell you lots more about being a baby in France later, but now it’s nap time. À bientôt!


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