House Update: How to Get More Room out of your Parisian Studio

How can you get the most out of your modest Parisian studio? Add a loft, of course!

Sorry for the low quality camera phone pics.

We enjoy the loft bed (it’s this one from IKEA) because it gives the feel of having another room, or at least having privacy for a bedroom. And you know what that means: no more of this make-the-bed nonsense!

I swear, by the way, that the house theme and the similar colors in the blog theme is a sheer coincidence.

Our favorite part of assembly was the helper that came with it:


We actually kept the previous bed erected while we assembled the loft. David pointed out the fact that if the new loft bed was missing even ONE piece, we were not going to be sleeping on it. Had that been the case & we’d disassembled the first bed, we’d be camping out on the apartment floor when it was time to hit the sack. Note: This didn’t happen. Thanks IKEA!

Let me just tell you, putting a large piece of furniture together as a married couple can only strengthen your relationship. This is because what does not kill you makes you stronger.

IKEA has pretty simple directions. That being said, their directions don’t always inspire confidence. For example, while installing the crossbeams for the mattress, it quickly became apparent that only stick-figure Scandinavians were fit for this assembly job.

Running. Out. Of. Room!

Luckily, David volunteered for the job of finishing the bed perched atop what I will here call “mattress rafters.” This was a dangerous job. He could have fallen through!

The orientation is a little wonky. I was whooped!

I bet you know the end of the story. He survived! Here’s what the place used to look like:

And here is is now. And yes- that is a couch nestled under the loft. It turns into a cot. Swedes are so smart.

We love it. Adelaide is not interested in it yet. Our armoire has a mirror on one of the doors, so she is much more interested in talking to the other baby in the reflection. We keep a watchful eye out though- no need to discover that she’s an adrenaline junkie the hard way… like this guy:

A favorite story of her Uncle Hank as a little boy comes to mind. Uncle Hank spent his days at pre-school climbing up the slide and jumping off of the ladder. He broke his leg because of it. Then, he went back to climbing up the slide and jumping off of the ladder- heavy leg cast and all. 


4 responses to “House Update: How to Get More Room out of your Parisian Studio

  1. Many moons ago in Seattle I used to hate Ikea, but now I don’t know how I’d live without it. We’ve now visited stores to help settle into various apartments in Holland, China, the UK and now Hong Kong. What did people on-the-move do before Ikea? How is the store in Paris? Exactly the same? Are the staff friendly?

    (ps Your daughter is very cute!)

    • Thanks expatlingo… and I have no idea what people (strapped for cash) did without IKEA! There are six stores in Paris, each one bigger than the last. The staff were hard to find and when could be found, they were friendly, but to the point… we’re going again tomorrow. :-) Thanks for the comment! Love your blog!

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