Adelaide’s Adventures: Eating Out with Kids in Paris

Bonjour everyone! Remember me, the girl in the jacket?

Yes. This jacket.

Sometimes, I just get hungry in the strangest places, and I demand that Maman and Papa let me eat right away. This was the place I picked today:

Delicious in the rain.

Mmm. Le Concorde. Most restaurants in central Paris have street-facing tables that seat two people and a dog on the outside of a restaurant, and a standing bar with a few tables on the inside. Parisians love puppies. Me too.

My mommy got this pictures from

I’m really glad Maman and Papa let me come to this restaurant. There were no dogs, so the likelihood that a baby would be there was even lower. Lucky for me, people seemed glad to see me. Especially these two guys. They let us know where a good table to sit at was with my pousette (stroller.)

Bartenders in Paris Cafés serve drinks and act like waiters.

I haven’t seen that many babies in restaurants. Maman says she thinks they are all in crèches. (Nurseries.) Well, I think they are missing out.

This is Poulet Fermier- Façon Grand-mère. That means Country chicken Granda style!

Grandma’s chicken was so good Maman and Papa decided to try Pomme Grand-Mère- Grandma’s Baked Apple!

I tasted lots of yummy stuff. See the bread on my trousers? Maman even let me gnaw on a chicken bone. :-)

I’m not sure what this whole crèche thing is about, but apparently its where babies spend their time in France. When I find out, I’ll let you know!

À bientôt!



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