Les Vues de Paris: Septembre

We’ve hit our one month anniversary of surviving living in Paris. Partly because I love photos and partly you lovely readers are genuinely interested in seeing the goings-on here, we decided to make a little monthly photo recap. Here’s the first one!

Our first stereotypical monument visit.

Moving Day: So few suitcases. So much stuff.

Paris is famous for its stained glass. Of course there is stained glass in the name of dessert.

We upgraded to a loft bed. Get it? UP? LOFT???

The loft should make things interesting.

One of many proposals we’ve managed to catch at the Eiffel Tower. Finally, a free show!

The métro at Glacière is one of my favorites: it’s above ground.

This is one of the most PG ads in Paris I’ve seen. Almost makes me want to get a pull torsadé to reward their good behavior.

Say “coucou” instead of “peek-a-boo.”

A banner calling me home.

We shared a little about our time sneaking around the Notre Dame as tourists here.

Just hanging out.

I wonder who lives there?

I knew a woman who could never remember if it was “un baguette” or “une baguette” so she always ordered “deux baguettes.” Visit La Boulangerie yourself.

We decided to move to a bigger apartment. (Just kidding.) (Wish I weren’t.) (That’s the Palace of Versailles.)

A sneek peek of the Palace of Versailles Gardens.

On September 5, our Little Princess turned 6 months old. And cut some teeth. See the little vampire nubs?

That’s it for our first month’s photo round up. Is it just me, or is time flying by even faster? How is your fall starting out? It feels so strange to see all of the halloween-related posts on American sites. There has been nothing costume, candy, or black cat-related other than the normal day to day couture, confiture and stray chats. Come to think of it, I haven’t even caught glimpse of a pumpkin. I think I’m still going to dress Little Girl up. Any suggestions? I was thinking this shark costume.


10 responses to “Les Vues de Paris: Septembre

  1. Leave some time for the boring things that you have to do for your school, I’m sure every day is an adventure, but don’t forget why you are there. Oh, Lord I wish I was too! Can’t wait for the next blog, Can’t wait to see you. LU

    • Oh don’t worry Dad- my day is structured around school, not the other way around. Just didn’t think you would want to hear about how I spend three hours a day reading materials for class. :-) Love you!

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