Adelaide’s Adventures: Parenting Resources in Paris

Salut tout le monde (everyone)!

I’m not sure how Maman and Papa keep up their energy because I never see them take naps. And life is very busy in Paris!

Daddy cooks while I fait la lessive (do the laundry.)

One of the things Mrs. Rachel (from Vintage Church) told Maman about is MESSAGE. It’s a group here in Paris of lots and lots of mommies and daddies and other kiddies. They have playmates and other fun activities, so we might join!

On top of play dates, there is a lot of helpful information for parents in Paris, like in this download from MESSAGE and in this excerpt from MESSAGE of one of their guide books.

The washing machine is the best! I wonder if they’ll have lave-linges (washing machines) at MESSAGE?

Have any other kids who are reading this blog joined MESSAGE? Are organized play groups fun? Fun enough for my Maman and Papa to pay for a membership? I’ve only ever played with two little girls my size: Arianna and Violet. I wonder if they like washing machines, too…


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