Adelaide’s Adventures: Staying in Touch

Paris can be great, but sometimes I get homesick for my american family.

Wish you were here. Seriously.

Like for my Memaw.

Memaw and me hanging out at Aunt Cara’s casa.

Plus my Grandma and Gampa, my Mimi and Daddyo, and my Aunt Gin and my Uncle Hank… plus everybody else. I can’t remember lots of names. I’m little, even if I am big enough to use chopsticks.

Not sure I liked rice noodles.

So it’s understandable that I love Skype, Facetime and iChat. They let me talk to my favorite people!

Here’s how my mommy taught me to use Skype:

And FaceTime is a good option too. Maman likes FaceTime because it’s free! Skype can cost money if a computer calls a landline.

Hi Aunt Gin!

Want to talk to me? ‘Cuz I want to talk to you, too! Just use my contact form to email my mommy and daddy. Then I’ll see you soon!

À bientôt,


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