Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

Disclaimer: Often French food is so ridiculously scrumptious it can induce sobs, gnashing of teeth and an embarrassingly stubborn craving for wine no matter the time of day. The writers of this blog have fallen prey to these symptoms before and do not recommend exploring the glory that is French cuisine without first ensuring delicious food is within arm’s reach.

David, Adelaide, my friend Danielle and I moseyed our way over to the 3eme arrondissement (the third district) to get a glimpse and taste of Le Marché des Enfants Rouges yesterday.

This covered market is one of Paris’s largest and is named for the orphanage that was once there. Orphans would wear red habits, making them easily identifiable. The orphanage was shut down, but the memory remains. And it was tasty.

We came. We saw. We ate. We nearly ate a second time looking at all the other ethnic foods- Lebanese, Moroccan, French, Spanish, Greek…

And we learned our lesson. The food was ate (lebanese) was good, but we were nearly the only ones eating it. All the French were on the other side of the market, noshing on some amazing Moroccan foods. Lesson learned: follow the French.

We’re going back.


Do you have a favorite market? French marchés are very different than flea markets, so it’s ok to love the food there. À la prochaine,


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