Julie, Trey & Vegan Food in Paris

Last week we had the pleasure of playing tour guides for our friends Julie and Trey. This Tallahassee duo was on a stopover on their way to Prague and had 22 hours in the city. The lucky dogs!

Speaking of dogs, they don’t eat dogs or any other animals for that matter, so we hit up a vegan restaurant called Les Saveurs Végét’halles. This is a play on words between the French word for vegan: végétalien and Les Halles, the area the restaurant calls home.

While the French love their fromage and charcuterie, there is a nascent assortment of vegan restaurants in the city. You can find one in practically each arrondissement. 

I had a burger. Not really. I had what looked like a burger but tasted much less like the normal american heart attack I’ve come to expect from the ole’ red white and blue. It tasted like something that belonged in France. It was French, after all, even if it was végétalien. It tasted snooty. And delicious.

Bravo to Trey and Julie for trying new French food while still staying true to your beliefs!  Not all of us have fared so well. Ahem, who me, eat anything put in front of me? How about you? Ever tried a “meatless Monday?” Or do you find it super difficult to eat well when you travel?


3 responses to “Julie, Trey & Vegan Food in Paris

  1. I’m the same way, I will eat just about anything that is food! And if I won’t eat something, then tricking me into it is not hard haha great photographs!

    • Xenophilicx- I know what you mean! Trying to eat healthy/stick to vegan is one thing, my reality is completely another- especially in Paris. Thanks for reading!

      Bisous, Kati

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