A Vintage Retreat in Grandcourt, France

Europe’s main cosmopolitan city isn’t the only reason people flock by the millions to France each year. (Take that, London!)

Some of the best places l’Hexagone has to offer are sleepy little fishing villages on the English Channel, relaxing beachy villas on the mediterranean, and isolated skiing retreats in either the Pyrenées or the Alpes.

Too bad this visit wasn’t to any of those places.

What it lacks in charm, attractions and history Grandcourt makes up for by being sleepy, relaxing and isolated. A perfect place for a Vintage Church Retreat!


So that field in the middle of Grancourt doesn’t look so perfect for a retreat. But this manor does! That’s where we went two weekends ago.

Our group of friends who make up our church gets together once a year to pray, celebrate what God’s doing in each other’s lives and to learn together. The reason we love to do this, among others, is that Vintage Church meets in each other’s homes in small groups throughout the week. The only other reason I can think that people would stay in a massive manor for two days is to eat really unhealthy, delicious food in order to stay up far too late as a parent. Good thing there are no parents writing this blog.

Our good little sleeper didn’t make a peep the entire way home. The way there was another story.

Have you ever been to Grandcourt or do you have any weekend recommendations? À la prochaine,


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