Well, that wasn’t Mexican food.

Paris, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thy cobblestone roads and soft glittering lights
And abundance of restaurants that make my senses take flight
Except when I want Mexican food because seriously, Paris, you cannot call what I ate last night Mexican food.

Don’t get me wrong- the fact that El Guacamolé had nopalitos (cactus) on the menu promised authentic south-of-the-border goodness. But the fact that they used the european spanish Peurco instead of carnitas, the Mexican catch-all for pork, had me suspicious from the start.

After a laughable appetizer of guacamole (which admittedly, was pretty good) with stale wheat tortillas (!) the tacos arrived.


It was easy to understand why my peurco was so dry and my nopalitos were so soggy. They had wasted away, mourning the unexplained absence of their friends frijolesarroz, y salsa, to say nothing for the missing lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños.

The thing that saved the night was good company. Between we three couples, we represented Florida, Texas and California- basically, Little Mexico. So we laughed, told stories and enjoyed this paltry Parisian attempt at mexican cuisine.


The awesome AJ and Karin listen as Kristin tells a story.


Tere is such a good husband listening as if this was the first time he heard the story!


David and Adelaide- waiting for the punchline. (Dave wanted to interject: His chicken was really good- it just wasn’t mexican. Haha.)


All of us!

So amigos, how has your Mexican food been lately? A friend of mine just told me about a restaurant in the south of France called “TexMex San Francisco.” Hmm. Probably also not very accurate. If you know of some good, authentic Mexican food in Paris, let us know! We’ll be posting our finds, good or bad.


Hasta luego,


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