Bon Appetit in Alençon

We hopped on a train on Friday, au direction: Alençon, which is in Basse-Normandie. Psst- it was super easy: just go to the train station and buy tickets from a Kiosk, or look here online. We went to Paris Montparnasse. Validate your ticket in a punch machine before you get on the train, and you’re good to go! Get an Enfant + kid card and you and three others can travel with a kid, and each adult ticket is half off. Wahoo! 

We came. We saw. We ate. We kept eating. Three hours later, we went for a walk, and then came back and ate some more.

Oui, we were visiting my French Host family! Do you want to host an Exchange Student?

Poor Dave. I don’t think he knew to expect that much cheese. That much wine. That much duck paté, head cheese, or blood sausage.

Don’t watch this video if the idea of “blood sausage” or “Blood pudding” makes you queasy. If not, enjoy learning how to make it!

Yum. He was a trooper.

The French think there’s not that much to see in Alençon. They haven’t been to Port St. John, Nowheresville, Florida.

More to come soon! We’re still digesting, after all. In the meantime, have you ever enjoyed a keychain as much as this?

À la prochaine!


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