All Hallows at Church of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

We spent All Hallow’s Night getting our spook on at the Church of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis. The massive Église in Le Marais district is crammed into a space big enough for a Carrefour grocery store. It actually seemed very Harry Potter-esque, in that a building could magically appear between two where no space had been before. You just stumble on it and you have to lift your eyebrows all the way up to your hairline in order to take the whole thing in. It’s not that it’s exceptionally large, it is just that the amount of space it inhabits is unexpectedly small.

And at night, it can be spooky.

There is just something eerie when the vast emptiness of a church dwarfs you in darkness, with only candles lighting ghoulish shadows on saints’ and the Virgin Mother’s face.

During the French Revolution, the church was converted to a center for the Cult of Reason and Supreme Being, a replacement movement for religion. The Catholics took it back 40 years later.

Here’s hoping you Hallow’s Eve and All Hallows Night left you trembling. À la prochaine…


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