Loving that “Asian” is one genre of food.

It just cracks me up that to the American palette, everything “Asian” is one huge conglomerate genre of food. I mean, the continent itself takes up a third of all landmass on the globe. So yeah, of course all asian food is the same- despite the fact that Sri Lanka, Japan and Indonesia are all “asian”. The subtleties (and obvious differences!) are totally lost on the red white and blues of ‘Merica.

Amused by this American cluelessness, we did what any self-respecting Parisianites would do when we spotted “Lac de l’Ouest.” We ran right inside, excited for the predictability of Asian food!

Yes. Chinois, Thailandais, Vietnamien- all just synonyms for saucy stir-fry and egg rolls.

It was delicious. And by delicious, I mean salty. Sorry for the low-quality Instagram pics.

I was glad to see the prices were cheap as they should have been in the Latin Quarter – 10 Euros a meal for a boisson (drink), entrée (appetizer) and plat principal (entree). However, even the most non-foodie of Americans would know this was not completely passable for the American-Asian food experience: there was no fortune cookie to finish it off.

Perhaps the best part of the whole thing was the evidence that the restaurant was not playing around.

Yup. Go back and look for yourself. Those were nun chucks hanging next to the sink. Pretty awesome.

À la prochaine!


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