Even the most romantic city in the world isn’t immune to challenges that leave people in need.

Tonight as I walked home, it was 43°/6°. I saw no less than three homeless people getting ready to sleep. Well, that’s not quite right. They have homes: the covered entry of a shop; two park benches pulled together; the tiled bench in the métro. They just don’t have houses.

The first man has a small pile of things I would call his: a pan, an umbrella, a sleeping bag, sometimes a dog. The second man hadn’t unpacked his backpack by the time I had walked by. The third had only his beer and his thoughts to comfort him.

These guys are different than the savoir-faire panhandlers who beg you with a greeting or an outstretched hand. I’ve never heard them speak to anyone, nor leave their spot. Most part-time bums in France leave their posts at meal times.

Not these guys.

They are always there, always unseen.

It’s really breaking my heart.


3 responses to “Heartbroken

  1. Wow, I really like this post. Slash… it’s really sad at the same time. But very real, and infused with compassion, which is why I like it. I always wonder what to do about situations like that; how to help, etc……………………

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