Whoops. October Recap!

Wow. More than two months in Paris have gone by. Already? Where did the time go? And why does Adelaide refuse to slow down her growth? 8 teeth? Talking to herself (in which language I’ve yet to determine) and charming everyone around her. Even her parents who are more sleep-deprived Zombies than 20-something expats.

This is a post about everything in October. And yes… it’s almost December. (Crazytown! Time to get decorating!) This just means a November recap is due in a few days.

So without further ado, here’s our monthly recap, Fall-style. Les Vues de Paris: Octobre.

Failed project: I tried to do a weekly look back in time that I called the Normandie Memoir Project reminiscing of my time when when I lived in the French seaside with The Sauvages.  Here’s my update: it didn’t work.

The port in Carentan

Enjoyed the Promenade Plantée. Don’t let abandoned infrastructure get you down: just repurpose it. Paris turned an inoperative set of railroad tracks into a tree-lined walkway. 

Explored the Saint-Sulpice Cathedral. We’re really enjoying getting to know the “2nd tier” monuments and attractions in the city of love. They’re generally fantastic and  we feel as though we have them all to ourselves. This church with its lion-guarded fountains was one of them.

Paris is full of quirky markets, from antique emporiums to bizarre bazars. Le Marché des Enfants Rouges fell on the tasty end of the market spectrum.

We hosted some friends! Julie and Trey were on a stopover on their way to Prague. We shared some of our favorite things and they took us to our first vegan restaurant in the city. Oui- Parisian Vegan food is delicious!

Then we headed out of town to go to Grandcourt for a retreat with Vintage Church. It was more than wonderful getting to know the rest of our church family on a deeper level.

Speaking of wonderful… we learned the financial way that Mexican Food is not great in Paris. I appreciated the loads of recommendations… and by loads, I mean 3. In a city of more than 2 million people, can we get half a dozen decent Mexi-cali restaurants??? Side note: the company was great! 

David showed off his stuff in our post about a typical Sunday. I’m not sure there are any other Parisian men that look that good in a flag football belt.  That post is full of good stuff here.

The highlight of the month: We hopped a train and took a trip to Alençon to visit my host family. We ate so much food I’m still digesting.

That’s about it for October. Fall is nearly done and gone! What was the highlight of yours?

À la prochaine,


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