Zanksgeeving (Thanksgiving)

Thankful. Reconnaissant.

I love the word for thankful in french. Reconnaissant literally means “re-knowing.” Just remembering the facts and truths of your life means thankful. As it should. And I am reconnaissante.

Reconnaissante for my church family.

Reconnaissante for friends.

Reconnaissante for my family.

Reconnaissante for my sweet, studly, spirited husband- my best friend who wants to go on adventures to lands he don’t know in languages he doesn’t (yet) speak.

And reconnaissante for a million other people. Here’s how we celebrated – at the American Church in Paris. Which is as close to Hogwarts as I’ll ever get.   

Don’t worry if you don’t get the muggle joke. (It means you’re a muggle.) Just know that the American Church, when set up to host a feast, looks absolutely magical.

À la prochaine,


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