Strasbourg Christmas Lights, Trees and Cheer

“You need to stop. You’re embarrassing us!” David hissed as I clicked away maniacally with my camera.

“I just want to make sure I get enough good shots,” I pleaded.

Dave quickly pushed Adelaide’s stroller away from me. Click, click click! 

Twinkling lights hung draped over every road and pine boughs, glittering with cheap ornaments, festooned old-looking fenêtres (windows.) Yes, old-looking is a great adjective. Especially for Strasbourg!

Rue de L'outre

I loved how no road was decorated in the same way.

Strasbourg RestoAfter running some hotel-reated errands, it was pitch black and cold. That made the lights even warmer.  And the company even snuggly-er.

Kati and Dave lights Strasbourg

Oh star of wonder, star of night…
Pretty Strasbourg Lights

These angels announce to visitors that the cathedral is near.

Lights in Strasbourg Ooooh.

Cathedral lights

Can’t see it? How about now:

Strasbourg Cathedral

My apologies for the last few posts bereft of Adelaide pictures. However, it was COLD in Strasbourg…

Chilly family

Heh heh. Where’s the baby? And yes…. that IS vin chaud! How could you tell?

And I haven’t even talked about the food, our lodging, the markets (!) and so much more, but sleep and reading are so, so important. Donc, à la prochaine!


4 responses to “Strasbourg Christmas Lights, Trees and Cheer

  1. C’est vrai Strasbourg est beau en période de fêtes de Noël, vous n’avez pas fini de découvrir toutes les beautés de la France … Gros bisous à vous 3 ! Fabienne et Dany

  2. We were in Strasbourg ,snd cathedral about four years ago. Loved it. Barbara C We love to travel!

    • I should have known that you love to travel! Have you been elsewhere in France? As the French say, “big kisses!” Gros bisous

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