Adventures in the United Kingdom

My next semester of school begins this week and we are excited for new things- new jobs, new courses, new people. (My friend Gillian is studying abroad here in Paris and hopefully both sets of grandparents will be coming for a visit in the next few weeks as well!)

One other new thing we discovered was the United Kingdom- four new cities and towns, that is. Our little family has been saving a little bit each month for the last year in order to spend two weeks traveling around England, Scotland and Ireland. Paris welcomed us back home on Monday with outstretched snow dusted arms, and it has been snowing all week since then. It was absolutely cold enough in each town to snow, but never did. And contrary to what I was expecting, we saw blue skies and sunny days way more frequently than we saw clouds that threatened to rain. I’m going to go ahead and call this one- Adelaide is a good luck charm. I suppose we’ll bring her on all of our future escapades.

Speaking of the good luck charm, here she is. (Don’t mind the diapers in the background… pulling clean diapers out of the package was entertaining for little lady, harmless for the house, and funny to watch. So I let her do it. That parenting tip is free.)


We visited 3 sets of friends and saw 7 amazing places. Here’s a quick recap. I’ll post more details in the next week, and there may be some changes on the blog as well. Get excited!

1. Jenni Potato in Plymouth

David and I worked at a summer camp called Camp NEOSA in 2009. There, we met the funniest, nicest, most british person. We also met Jenni M. I’m just joking. Jenni is a great friend and encouraging believer. Plus, she makes my floridian non-accent sound as though I was born and raised in the middle of the deep south. I’d never felt so redneck in all my life.

DSC_0085 DSC_0127

DSC_0169Jenni took us on three wonderful adventures. They each deserve their own post.

2. The Legges in Minehead

While I was living in France in 2006, an English family was living in an old French farmhouse in Coigny. That family was the Legges. They will always have one of the warmest corners of my heart, as they should- they were the ones who introduced me to drinking milk in my tea, something I used to think was disgusting. No longer!

This was Adelaide’s opportunity to meet them. She can’t wait to go back.

DSC_0126 DSC_0125 DSC_0135

3. The Michaels in Edinburgh

Mark, Andrea, Ashlyn and Islay Michael were some of the first people we met when we were at college in Tallahassee (well, not Islay- she’s a 10 month-old-puppy.) It was so lovely to get to see them in their new home. They moved to Scotland to help bring the hope of the Lord to Edinburgh and missionaries there, and we are really glad to be a part of that story, albeit a tiny one.

DSC_0181 DSC_0186 DSC_0312 DSC_0290 DSC_0153 DSC_0128

4. Just us and some new friends in Dublin! 

Dublin was amazing. We cannot wait to go back! The Michaels introduced us to our new friends, Phil and Cheryl.

DSC_0250 DSC_0144


DSC_0308À la prochaine…


8 responses to “Adventures in the United Kingdom

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  2. Comment va la famille Legges ??? Vous avez raison de voyager ainsi, on attend la suite de vos nouvelles aventures, gros bisous
    La Famile Sauvage

  3. So cool! Loved reading y’all’s adventures. And you’re so funny: liked your parenting tip that was harmless, entertaining for “little lady” and funny to watch! Hahaha! And BTW, you guys quite possibly have the cutest baby known to man. How do you get her to smile in EVERY picture!!!

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