Snow in Paris!

Weather in Paris See those little fluffy white flakes over the Paris bar? It’s been dusting little bits of snow all day. In fact, a quiet blanket of snow greeted our family when we got back from Dublin a week ago, and we’ve gotten to see the city of lights in her wintry coat for the first time.

After spending a freezing few days in Edinburgh and Dublin, I was hoping for a little relief in Paris, since it has been lazily warm since Christmas.

Nope! Snow instead. I couldn’t be happier.

DSC_0025 My parents came to Paris in 2006 and nearly turned into crêmes glaces (ice cream.) They wore all of the clothes they brought every. Single. Day. The photos we took could be replaced with any pictures of four frozen people, since no one’s eyes could be seen through all of the layers of scarves we wore.

À la prochaine!


3 responses to “Snow in Paris!

  1. Absolutely beautiful just like you!!! Miss you all TONS please hug Laila for me! We think and talk of you often! Love brent, laura and the boys

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