We’re on the Eiffel Tower, Baby!

If you’ve been following along as we recount our UK escapades, then you know we’ve left off at our arrival in Plymouth. However, I just realized these fun shots have never been shared, so we’re taking a petite hiatus. :-)

In December, my buddy Robin came to visit Paris for a week.


It was freezing but she made the most of it, and we ended up achieving one of our goals while she was here- to finally scale the Eiffel Tower.

Kids on the Eiffel Tower

Taking the baby with was not at problem, but since strollers are not allowed up the Tour Eiffel, she had to be held in our arms the whole time. Just think of it as knocking out two birds with one stone: being a tourist and getting some snuggle time in.

The view is always magnificent, and night shots make it even more interesting.


There’s a controversial skyscraper-esque building close to the heart of Paris called the Montparnasse Tower. Some argue that it ruins the Parisian skyline, others say for once, you can see the rest of Paris from it, including the iconic Iron Lady. The thing is, the top of the Eiffel Tower is a square platform with a micro-museum at the top of Gustave Eiffel’s office.Three of the sides of le Tour Eiffel are always packed, while a fourth is reserved for those who figure losing all their hair and clothes in a wind tunnel is no big deal The side that the Montparnasse Tower is viewable from is always the side that seems to be pounded by violent wind.  So my guess is that the people in charge of deciding where to put this controversial new skyscraper building took into account the fact that viewing it form the Eiffel Tower would be challenging. They were trying to minimize the criticism. Très French. That’s my conspiracy theory of the day. Now on to the pictures! Getting clear shots on a windy platform at night with a telescopic lens with no tripod and a baby was tough, but not too tough. Hope these are legible.

Grand Palais East Bank by Night Arc de Triomphe Seine by Night DSC_0072 Place de la Concorde Sacre Coeur Paris City Center

À la prochaine…


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