Musings: Adventures with Kids

One of the things that makes me scratch my head the most is when I hear soon-to-be parents say “all our fun will be over once we become parents.”

I would like to just take a quick moment to say… “don’t drink the koolaid!”

My desire to travel has been completely run over by a determination to show my daughter everything under the sun. That means more adventures- not fewer.

For example, I threw together a silly little video to showcase a sampling of Adelaide’s adventures… even though she won’t remember any of them, and not just because she’s so little. You’ll have to watch to find out why.

À la prochaine,


2 responses to “Musings: Adventures with Kids

  1. When first I opened your post,there wasn’t any video or photo in my screen…….
    Then ,all those beautiful shots with Adelaide!
    Thank you,so much!

  2. Whaaa! So cool. I love that even with a little girl, it’s like the adventures just keep getting better for y’all. I’m gonna have to take some serious tips from you when that day comes for me Kati!

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