We Were in Plymouth a Month Ago.

Man, I love travel. If we could go to a new country every weekend, we would! That had definitely been on the bucket list  in a few creative ways. I should really call my bucket list my “dream list,” since it’s not a “reality list.” Ouch.  I was so glad to get the opportunity to visit friends and make new ones in the UK and Ireland though, so no complaints about the less-than-hoped-for amount of traveling we Wanderers have been doing lately. Besides, my parents are coming to visit in March, and Icouldnotbemoreexcited!!!

(By the way- this is not the first time my parents have visited Paris. They, along with the world’s most awesome brother, [mine- did you get that?] came at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. Cameras were harder to operate back then. See below for evidence.)

Now, on to more Plymouthian things. I met Jenni M. at Camp NEOSA in Ohio, back in the summer of 2009. That was a life-changing summer for so many amazing reasons, the short list of which includes Jesus, the people, the campers, the lake and the raccoons. Oh, I could tell some stories about raccoons. Marshmallow-eating, gerbil-stealing, kid-stalking raccoons. I realize that that is neither here no there. Try to stay with me here on this ever-more ridiculous post. :-)

Jenni Potato and Kati Po-tah-to

After the longest bus ride of my life, we finally arrived in Devon’s port and naval base: Plymouth!  Can you believe nearly 400 years ago a bunch of rebellious Brits boarded a ship and just left civilization as they knew it? Our only modern equivalent would be if I left Earth for a moon colony, I mean, New World. 

Jenni lives…. and moves…. and has… her beeee-ing… in Plymouth. (Did anyone get the Church song joke in there? No? Just me? I really do not know what has gotten in to me this post. :-) Moving on.) I wanted to just hug her and never let go when I saw her waiting at the bus station. She helped us unload all of our things (let’s be honest- she just held the baby) and get into her car. David wrestled with the buckles on a !@#$%@$ British car seat for about twenty minutes before we were on our way. We could have walked to Jenni’s flat in the amount of time it took David to decipher the mysteries of that car seat. All of that effort, and in the end all it took was flipping the left buckle over, yanking the right one twice, jumping up and down and teaching the baby to tango to get it to work.

The days have all smooshed together for me in Plymouth. So I can’t remember when we actually did things.

David and Adelaide and I explored the Port of Plymouth and all the fun historic things there- including hot chocolate. Does anyone else find the name “clotted cream” a bit off-putting?


This little tea house had some great framed old map  prints of Plymouth that showed where shipwrecks took place. It was eerily cool.

Drake's Island

This is Drake’s Island- as in, Sir Francis Drake. Mr. Fancypants Privateer secured many a pretty treasure for her Majesty the capitalist.


Let me be honest with you… I’m not sure what we’re looking at. Jenni was at work when we took our first stroll. Pretty, huh?!?

View of Plymouth Harbor

You can see the Citadel to the left and the Plymouth Harbor in the background.


Who do you think you’re invading?!


Did you know you can find the world’s most beautiful men in Plymouth?!?! Some people are going to argue and say Liskeard…

Let’s just have a mashup.


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