A Little Cow Street Art

Chalk. Cows. Street Art. Paris. Philippe Baudelocque. 

Steer Chalk Art

Chalk Art in Paris



I love the texture he’s able to create, both within the patterns themselves and the overall splotchy feel of the steer- but my favorite part about it is the scale. It just hits you when you walk by it- you just can’t ignore it.

The crazy thing about Philippe’s art is its ephemerality. With chalk as his medium, losing his previous works is inevitable. I know he makes no attempt to preserve his creations at all. I Googled his name, and saw that he created a hippo, a hedgehog, a buffalo, and a frog… all in this same exact spot. 

See? Every one of the above pictures scavenged from Google  was art in that same location in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Maybe I’ll be on the art hunt from here on out… Has anyone else every seen Philippe or his art? Has anyone heard of him before? What are some of the best places in Paris to find street art? We just totally lucked out. I am now a huge fan. Let me know your thoughts! À la prochaine,


8 responses to “A Little Cow Street Art

  1. Amazing ! Is he inconscious of his art? Maybe it comes so spontaneously and easily , he thinks it’s like a game!
    Thank you for this precious share!

    • I’m not sure if he plans it in advance or not! My gut says he must, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his was the kind of art that just came naturally. :-) Thanks for the visit!

      Bisous, K

  2. I love your Art! If I could marry it…I would. hahaha just kidding….Fantastic and Beautiful.
    I love the detail. ;D

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