Let’s play a game…

Tell me what this is:

Mystery hinge

If you don’t recognize it right away, what about from this angle?


You know what it is. It’s probably the third most famous landmark in Paris. Still stumped?


Giving you more time to guess….

Unless you’re on a RIDICULOUSLY huge mac that can see everything *cough grandparents and godparents cough cough*

Scroll room…

It’s the inside of the Pyramide du Louvre. But you knew that. :-)


Look at Little Miss Touriste Photobombing my pic! :-)

There’s a food court in the Carrousel du Louvre. You’d think food would be good in Paris, especially here. Spoiler alert: it’s not. I guess the French realized years ago that foreigners would eat anything. I was going to end that sentence with “would eat anything if/when…” but I realized it wasn’t needed. If you’re on the globe and you are not French, I bet you’re open to eating just about anything.


Laila: Who needs a highchair? I can just inhale the food straight off the table from here.

I had couscous with merguez. Dave had pizza with wine in a bottle. Not at the same time. You know it’s good pizza when it comes with wine. Or wait a minute… what if that really means that the quality of the wine is… Nope. Let’s not go there. It was vintage, people!  Vintage wine at a French food court. :-)

Tonight was David’s night to pic our destination in France’s most famous musée. We went to sculptures. This turned out to be a great choice for our Little Third Wheel. See for yourself.

Could you tell I was mostly enamored with the building itself?  I loved the way the light pooled in the room. Here’s that exhibit that was hanging from the ceiling in the video.


I’m still not too sure what it was exactly.


T-shirts on funnoodles, maybe? Funky.


“Bla bla la la HAHAHA!” Translation: “Her nose and hand are gone.” – Laila

It was great for our Third Wheel because basically, it was a massive room full of massive sculptures. Spaced out. On pedestals. With very little traffic. Do you know what this means?!?! It means you can enjoy the Louvre, and let your little toddler  walk/trot/trip and fall her heart out, yelling at the top of her lungs. It was a good day.


Aw man! I broke a nail toe or three off..


Nice goliath thongs.


King Louis XIV says You Art Thee Cutest Baby in All The Land!

King Louis XIV says You Art Thee Cutest Baby in All The Land!


I just want to know if her sketch was any good.


Mom how could you say such a thing? I’m sure she was very talented!

What’s funny about going to museums lately is Baby Girl becomes the exhibit herself. Forget Mona, this girl commands the attention of everyone in the room.


Laila’s Blue Steel look.

David wanted to see this guy next in the Medieval Times section. Har har. 


But when we got there…


He was only this big! Sorry, Charlemagne. To compensate…


It was sword play fight time. I on the other hand liked the little boxes. There were rooms and rooms full of them. Why was everyone obsessed with boxes, chests, and trunks in the Middle Ages?


I will take you home little green, blue and gold box of Jesus and his Disciples. You are my kind of décor. And so small! See the hand? It’s there so you can tell how big the box is.

Anyway, like we mentioned before, Friday nights at the Louvre are free for under 26 year olds! Hopefully that means that even with Squiggly Worm, we’ll be able to make our way around the whole thing before June. Ah, the Louvre with a baby. I love it. Next time, we’re going to check out les Apparetments de Napoléon. 

What do you think? How was your Friday night? What are your favorite affordable dates? Do you ever take your chitlins? À la prochaine,


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