Poussettes in the Marché aux Puces

The title is a play on words in French- Poussettes being baby strollers and the Marché aux Puces meaning flea market. So I sort of said “little fleas in the flea market.” :-)

It’s funny in French. Just roll with me.

Get it?! Roll with me??? Strollers? No? 

Moving on. The marché aux puces de la Porte de Vanves is a massive flea market. I mean the fleas just bound there in droves. Hoards. Swarms. What do massive numbers of fleas do together? Itch. Let’s go with that.

Either way, more than 400 venders show off their wares on Saturday and Sunday morning, all year round. We’re talking glassware, furniture, old prints, art, tins, silverware (did you hear that, Dad? Silverware!) and plenty, plenty more that we certainly didn’t have time to see. David likes to call marchés and brocantes “junk with waffles,” since most places have a gauffres et frites (Belgium waffles and fries) stand in the middle of it all. I would call that pretty accurate, but I still love them. So apparently do loads of other Parisians – the crowd was ridiculous.


Old Books | Buchans Puces de Vanves

In fact, there were so many people there, it was difficult to navigate Laila’s stroller. However, I think if  she were older, (read: stroller free) it could still be really fun. I was thinking about what we would have done had she been a big kid, and I came up with some survival ideas for any parent bringing young kids to a French flea market. This is for the parent in you that doesn’t want to spend a morning piping “don’t touch! Put it down! Get away from there!” The French will do that for you.

Here’s what to do with kids at the Marché aux Puces at Porte de Vanves- or any Flea Market that suits your fancy. :-)

1. Play Eye Spy at an interesting table

2. Have a scavenger hunt

3. Enjoy the hot fries from the gauffres et crêpes food truck. These kids did. (Yum!)

So the takeaway is, you can have a great time at the Puces de Vanves with kids or toddlers in tow. I realize my expertise is hypothetical… this may be a problem…

What did we score? I love me some old prints we could use as art in our casa.

Like this print from the Journal des Demoiselles:DSC_0334

Aren’t they cute?

DSC_0339I think she’s my favorite because she’s the only one not obsessed with the little boy. Women’s liberation in a shovel!

DSC_0338Seriously. It’s like Bieber Fever of the 1890s.

1890s Bieber Fever

We also nabbed some cute postcards that speak to France’s April Fool’s tradition, but theirs is called April Fish, or “Poisson D’Avril!” It comes from the tradition of sticking a paper fish on people’s backs as a prank. Poisson D’Avril!


Dave thought these were the only slightly funny things in the whole market.


When we fall in love in April’s spring weather, there’s nothing better than taking a walk together.


This one was hard to translate… let’s do a 90’s rap instead: Take the flowers girl and hush. It’ll be our little secret. I dig you.


In April we kiss, we wed, we swoon, and then we pack up and go on honeymoon.


This is a good example of how the French take a long time to say simple things. I’d translate it: A drink is more powerful than an oath when you’re in love…

And finally, I grabbed a few livres. 


A Euro a piece, but I only had 1€75. Score. Too bad the baby ripped one up while I wasn’t looking!!


Who me?

Have you ever been to the Puces de Vanves, or any other Marché in Paris? Would you go again with kids? Get any good finds? Dad do you want to come back just for the silverware? À la prochaine…


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