Taking a Baby to a Jazz Club

Just kidding y’all.

We did not take a baby to a jazz club. Not even our hipster music-loving bambino. What kind of crazy people do you take us for?! But I knew Baby Girl’s grandparents would only be interested in this post if they were hoodwinked. :-)

After navigating a crazy metro last night, (certain metro stops were closed meaning we had to play shoots and ladders with the different lines to get to our destination) the hubster and I finally made it to the Jazz Club of Paris, Duc des Lombards, to hear the amazing Josiah Woodson on his jazz guitar.

duc des lombards


2013-04-23 21.46.36

The only thing that could have made this night better would have been a real camera.

Pensive Josiah.

Pensive Josiah. You remember him from Vintage Church.

He was part of the quintet supporting American Trumpetist, Jason Palmer.

2013-04-23 21.46.17

Loving You… Palmer’s show was a tribute to Minnie Riperton. Hence the overalls.

Here’s just a taste of the music we enjoyed. Just imagine that the sound quality rocks. It did in real life.

Rock Jazz it Josiah.

The musicians were true artists. Classy, funny, humble. Talented.

To end a classy night, we dined at a classy place – Poulet frit à la Kentucky. That’s right. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sometimes you just indulge your hubby’s cravings- even in Paris. :-)

So go check out these fantastic artists –

Josiah Woodson

Jayson Palmer

A la prochaine…


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