Celebration: A Trip to Belgium and Luxembourg

This semester was hard. For the last week and a half, I would wake up early, inhale breakfast, and leave for campus to work on my final papers. I’d get home far after Adelaide was asleep. I felt imprisoned.

Baby in toy basket

I’m stuck in a basket… it’s like prison!

But I had been planning ahead with my papers and budgeting my time really well, especially given my tendencies to procrastinate. (I’m talking genetics here.) My friend Matt once said he always got his best work done at the last minute. I then wondered if I ever gave myself enough time to see if I could do better work ahead of time.

Is getting work done ahead of time even possible?

Is getting work done ahead of time even possible?

Turns out assignments well budgeted are stronger than those rushed. Who’d a thunk it?


Hey…. this can be fun!

So I finished on time without breaking a sweat, which is a miracle given my Richard-Simmons riddled past.

How can we celebrate?

How can we celebrate?

So we’re celebrating the end of my first year of grad school, by going out of the country. Luxembourg and Belgium, here we come! This is Dave’s celebration as much as it is mine as over the past year he has worked nights and been Laila’s full-time Dad (as well as my laundry guy, personal shopper, cleaning dude, and chef.) One of the two places he has wanted to go is Belgium, to visit the site of the Battle of the Bulge, where his grandfather fought in WWII.

Here we go!

Here we go!

See you soon!


3 responses to “Celebration: A Trip to Belgium and Luxembourg

  1. Hi, everybody,
    Every time I see Adelaide……( though only in pictures) , I feel happy! Your daughter has this power on me, thank you!
    Wish you fulfilled all your accomplishments and send you all , a big hug!

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