Snagging Art From the Metro

How to decorate an apartment for free in Paris, you may wonder?

An  easy option for Christmas that I don’t recommend includes stringing lights up for Christmas in the shape of a tree. It just looked wonky and terrible, but I loved it anyway. Then our live-in Santa’s Helper started pulling it down off the wall. That was awesome.

So we made a Christmas tree out of cards on the wall. Much better, but still seasonal.

Card Tree

So what I recommend is…

Snagging a movie poster from the metro. By snagging I don’t mean purloin… I just mean be in the right place at the right time. :-) I happened to be going to class when one of the metro workers was changing out posters in the Invalides Metro stop.

What was he taking down? Movie posters for The Great Gatsby. Gatsby Le Magnifique.

After a few interesting comments (suggestions?) about how I was the second blond, foreign woman to ask for the poster that day, the metro worker gave me these two babies.

2013-05-29 08.57.44

2013-05-29 09.06.45

They’re Adelaide-approved.



…But David hates them. Haha. Oh well. He lets me keep them up anyway. :-) What about you? Finding any cheap decorations that you love? Have you seen The Great Gatsby yet? I’m going to admit that I just like the posters and have not seen the movie  myself…

À la prochaine!


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