Luxembourg by Night

It’s Friday afternoon in Paris and I’m off with a beautiful little snuggle bug named Adelaideto do some errands while Papa practices guitar in preparation to lead worship at our church this Sunday.

One of those errands we’re out to run is a favorite of mine… practicing my photography. The city is a dream playground for novice photogs such as myself.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some of the shots I took of Luxembourg by night. I’d love it if you photo experts out there let me know what you thought.

So you can see, we ran into a concert (“The All American Concert” of all things) and I had difficulty getting a clear enough picture with sharp moving people in the night. When I pointed toward Charlotte Bridge, everything was bathed in strawberry colors (it was near sunset). And if you look at the front steps of that City Hall, you can see that someone was walking in front of the James Bonds and the lady, but instead of getting their blurred movement across the picture, I think my shutter speed was too slow, because all that registered was their feet in a tiny part of the picture. Ghost feet!

Please help guys!

À la prochaine,


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