It’s a strange thing when a place keeps a piece of you for itself. I suppose it can’t be otherwise, since when we fall in love with someone we give ourselves to them.

Take my heart and lock it with a key

Take my heart and lock it with a key

So take care of the little piece of my heart that will never leave the Seine, Paris.

Enjoying the Banks of the Seine from the Ile de la Cité

Enjoying the Banks of the Seine from the Ile de la Cité

You were amazing- from the postcard-esque sunsets in the Marais and the romantic walks in the parks, but you were real, too. People struggle hard in your city for the basics like food and shelter, but they also long for greater things like friendship and a relationship with a God that Loves.

Sunset from Pont Neuf

Sunset from Pont Neuf

You can find everything in Paris… but us. We’ve officially left L’Hexagone and are not sure when we’ll be back. We had hoped to stay indefinitely, but that ceased to be an option when it became clear that David would not be able to secure a visa that allowed him to seek employment, which is alright since there’s no place like the U. S. of A.! :-)

So last week we spent in Cocoa, Florida, with my parents, and this week we’re enjoying the company of David’s parents on the Tampa side of Florida. Next week we’ll be moving to Louisiana- the Frenchest state in the Union. We can’t help ourselves. :-)

And the blog is officially moving, too- to Since we no longer have a Parisian life, but our passion for travel will never cease and we’d like to keep blogging about our road tripping adventures, we’ve made the switch. The ourparisianlife blog will remain active for the next two weeks until we’re sure that absolutely everything has migrated.

So please hop on over to This Wandering Life to stay up to date with all our wanderlust-induced adventures! Besides… that’s where new baby  Adelaide pictures will be posted. Hope to see you there!


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