Our Travel Tips.

Welcome to Our Travel Tips page! Here we’ll be linking to both our posts and other great nuggets of info from the net with advice for your next voyage à Paris, France or anywhere else in the world. Bon voyage!

What to pack.

We like to use this list from Travelsmith as a general guide. It’s way more extensive than we’ll ever be, but it makes sure we hit all the right bases.

How to get here.

Flights: These are some of our favorite cheap-to-moderately-priced airlines.

Ryanair for flying in and around Europe

Jetblue for flying between the States, the Caribbean, Central and South America

Icelandair can have some low rates from select American cities to a few European ones, and they offer a free stop-over in Iceland, too. We’d like to check this option out over the summer!

Aer Lingus is part of how we’re traveling around UK this January! Cheap flights from Ireland to a few places.

Already in Paris?

Free Trains From Paris is a great blog that examines the many places a Navgio pass can get you to in the French countryside.

Where to stay.

We’re avid promoters of couchsurfing, an international community where new friendship is how you see the world.

When we can’t couch surf, using Airbnb is the next best thing. Basically, instead of renting out a hotel room or hostel, you rent out someone’s couch, room or entire apartment. That’s what we did in Strasbourg!

What to do!

She’s ready for her big trip! Are you ready for yours?